Posted by: swinemoor | April 4, 2010

Chronology – December 2008

Beverley Town Council are contacted about the removal of hedges on the enclosed land off Swinemoor Lane under The Hedgerow Regulations 1997.  Enquiries by the Town Council determine this is in respect of a forthcoming Outline Planning Permission application by the NHS East Riding of Yorkshire.

The request to remove these hedges is NOT published on the ERYC website, nor in the Library in Beverley. This made it difficult to find out about the application in the first place and object to it.

‘Off the record’ conversations with ERYC Planning Officers who say that they are ‘minded to grant the application’ because. the people of Beverley have wanted a hospital for so long it would be unreasonable to reject it now a site had been chosen.


  1. […] the site was occupied by the NHS until 2012 and the decision to build a hospital at Swinemoor Lane was only first mentioned in 2008! As with many planning matters in Beverley, the dates don’t add up. As Beverley residents we […]

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