Posted by: swinemoor | April 4, 2010

Chronology – February 2009

400 signature petition from residents near the proposed new hospital site handed-in to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Open Access Centre in Cross Street objecting to the siting of the hospital in Swinemoor Lane.

Petition is lost by ERYC and its existence does not come to light until after Outline Planning Permission is granted.

NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Primary Healthcare Trust (PCT) confirm Interserve  as the preferred developer for the new Beverley Community Hospital.


  1. […] PCT knew full well, prior to their appointment of Interserve as preferred developer, that the OFT had accused Interserve of bid rigging activities in April 2008. However, in spite of […]

  2. […] As mentioned previously, the existence of this petition was unknown to the councillors when they took the decision to grant Outline Planning Permission on 17th September 2009. If they had known about its exstence, would it have affected their decision? […]

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