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Chronology – July 2009

An application for Outline Planning Permission for the Swinemoor Lane site was submitted by the PCT to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council on 20th July 2009 along with a list of associated documents. The closing date for comments was 10th August 2009.

Many questions were raised at the time of the application, especially over the choice of the site and whether the consultation was adequate. In response to this, Melanie Iredale (Programme Director for the PCT) said in the Hull Daily Mail:

It wasn’t a case of consulting the public over a shortlist of possible sites, as this is the only viable option. Swinemoor Lane ticked all the boxes for factors such as cost and ease of access and it is large enough to provide some flexibility for the future.

She added:

The trust has an option to purchase the site with the current owners, Beverley Consolidated Charity, which will reinvest the money back into the community, which is another benefit.

Does this mean that the PCT took this into account when they made their decision to opt for the Swinemoor Lane site? More worryingly, did the ERYC when granting Outline Planning Permision?

This is not the only question. In the above article, the Beverley Civic Society say that the site flooded in 2007 yet Stuart Baker of Curtin’s Consulting contested this saying Historically the area has never flooded…. Curtin’s own website put it slightly differently:

 With the majority of the site located within an area considered to be flood plain by the Environment Agency great attention has been made to assessing flood risk and mitigating the identified hazards, and in particular meeting the requirements of a Sequential Test.

 In another article the PCT is reported as having said ….Swinemoor was selected as it was the cheapest site. It was also on the edge of town and surveys confirmed any flood risk could be easily mitigated.

What the citizens of Beverley need to know is the truth. Will the site flood or not? Depending on who you listen to, it could, it will, it never has or it won’t anymore once we have spent lots of public money on it. As for the aforementioned Sequential Test, this was written AFTER the non-returnable deposit was paid to the Beverley Consolidated Charity by the PCT: as Melanie Iredale put it in the Hull Daily Mail Paying the deposit is something of a risk, but it is a calculated one.

It is easy to take risks when it is not your own money.


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