Posted by: swinemoor | April 4, 2010

Chronology – May 2009

11th May 2009:

Meeting between the NHS East Yorkshire Primary Healthcare Trust (PCT) and the Beverley Civic Society. PCT notes on this presentation were handed-out at this meeting by the PCT .

This document says that ERYC recommended the Swinemoor Lane site in Summer 2008. It also states that in the Autumn of 2008, the PCT narrowed the search to four sites and decided that the Grovehill site was too expensive. This narrowed it down to two sites on Swinemoor Lane and the site adjacent to the ambulance station.  The document again states that ERYC’s recommendation was Swinemoor and that there were concerns that Planning Permission would not be granted for the ambulance station site.

The briefing document for the meetaing also states The following surveys/reports were completed before the ‘option’ was taken out:

  • Traffic/transport survey;
  • Environment Agency Report;
  • Flood Risk Assessment;
  • Topographical Survey;
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Legal Searches
  • Certificate of Title;
  • Detaileds report on abnormal costs….;
  • Ancient Hedgerows – removal licence.


  1. […] inevitable once the ERYC had granted planning permission for the other developments on the site and directed the PCT to apply for the Flood Zone 3a Swinemoor Lane site. Councillors cannot complain about being boxed-in by regulations and policy when they […]

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