Posted by: swinemoor | April 4, 2010

Chronology – September 2009

The consultation period closed on 9th September 2009.

On this day the PCT tabled numerous associated documents in support of their application in response to objections received, giving no time for these to be rebutted prior to the Planning Committee considering them.

The pre-Planning Hearing was held on 14th September 2009.

The Report to the Planning Committee by the Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration was issued on 1oth September 2009 and this recommended that the application be deferred.

The Planning Committee hearing was held on 17th September 2009 and Outline Planning Permission was granted for the Swinemoor site. The Planning Officer for the case, during his presentation to this Committee, changed the recommendation from Defer to Accept.


  1. […] matrix was produced justifying this, however, as pointed out at the pre-planning meeting on 14th September 2009, this document, known as the Sequential Test,  is questionable in terms of its timing  and […]

  2. […] Leading up to the meeting of the ERYC Planning Committee on 17th September 2009 the PCT were peddling the line that if you do not agree to the Swinemoor Lane site then there will […]

  3. […] Stuart alludes to have not been addressed, this is why the Outline Planning Permission granted on 17th September 2009 has 35 conditions attached. If all these fears had been addressed, would a great crested newt have […]

  4. […] made? This scenario was put to the ERYC Planning Committee at the pre-planning meeting on the 14th September 2009 and Councillor Pearson called for an investigation into the allegations surrounding the timeline […]

  5. […] were very strict planning conditions relating to the construction of the hospital in terms of the provision of a right-turning filter […]

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