Posted by: swinemoor | April 16, 2010

Where was the Hedgerow Survey?

Notwithstanding the issues surrounding Great Crested Newts, it was pointed out during objections that a number of surveys had not been carried out or were inadequate.

For example with regard to hedgerows one objector wrote:

No standard Hedgerow Survey has been submitted as part of the ecological survey. Such a survey should contain the details of all woody species found within a 30m stretch of the hedge, the length of the hedge, the species records from two quadrats located under the hedge and photographs. In addition the survey methodology also asks for details of any hedge management, height width etc. Without this data it is impossible to ascertain the significance of the hedges on the site under The Hedgerow Regulations 1997. 

These deficiencies were raised again on 30th November 2009 at the Liaison Group meeting at the Beverley Westwood Hospital yet, to date, nothing has been done about them. Indeed, these hedges have now been grubbed-out, destroying the most botanically-rich parts of the site – see East Yorkshire Eye News  under Question marks.

Why was NO hedgerow survey carried out on the proposed hospital site prior to permission being granted by ERYC to remove the hedge? The hedgerow qualified as ‘important’ under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997 yet, as no standardised survey was carried out, how could the ERYC be ‘satisfied’ as to the reasons given for its removal overrrode its wildlife and historic importance?

Remember, at the time when the Schedule 4 Removal Notice was received by ERYC, NO application for Planning Permission had been granted (or indeed received).


  1. […] In the Press – latest In a letter in the  March 25th Edition of the Beverley Guardian, Jim Whitfield took issue with Tudor Jackson’s letter of 4th March. However, once again he has repeated the same old mantra that all the appropriate authorities have been consulted.  What he has not commented on is that these organisations were furnished with documents that contained errors of fact, such as the site did not flood on 25th June 2007 or that the hedgerows on the site were species-poor.  […]

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