Posted by: eyespie1 | April 27, 2010

Chronology – April 2010

Meeting of the Local Community Liaison Group – 22nd April 2010

There will be 30 beds, but will there be any Doctors?

Under  ”Any other business’ :

Question. Will  there will be any Doctors  based at this hospital?

Reply: The visiting Consultants will be the same as at the Westwood. There should be a doctor on site.

Question:   Should be?

Reply: Yes

Question: If a resident of Driffield is having chest pains, where will he be taken?

Reply. Either to Hull, Scarborough or York hospital


A  guide to how long it would take to transport residents of Hornsea and Driffield to hospital.

Residents Hospital Distance in miles Time @ a 60

mph average in minutes

Hornsea Hull 19 35
Hornsea Castle Hill 18 38
Hornsea Scarborough 33 58
Hornsea York 44 60 plus
From to Hospital Distance in miles Time @ a     60mph average in   minutes
Driffield Castle Hill 19 36
Driffield Scarborough 21 38
Driffield Hull 21 40
Driffield York 29 45


  1. […] It seems pretty clear from the answers given at the last Local Community Liaison Group meeting on April 22nd that the PCT have as yet no responsible doctor for our new hospital in Beverley – perhaps […]

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