Posted by: swinemoor | April 27, 2010

Graham Stuart MP

Mr Stuart has given his approval to the plans to build a new community hospital on Swinemoor Lane. He is on the record as saying:

Thanks should go to the Primary Care Trust which has pushed for this hospital despite some fears about where it was to be sited. I am glad these have been addressed and that now the PCT can move forward with building the hospital.

The ‘fears’ that Mr Stuart alludes to have not been addressed, this is why the Outline Planning Permission granted on 17th September 2009 has 35 conditions attached. If all these fears had been addressed, would a great crested newt have been found on-site in October 2009, necessitating the commissioning of a survey now that should  have been carried out BEFORE applying for Planning Permission?

Mr Stuart wishes to continue to represent the people of Beverley in Westminster. In order to do this he should listen to his constituents a bit more and the representatives of the PCT a little less. A quick look at his own blog site might be instructive in this regard:

44% of respondents to his poll say that an alterntive location for the hospital would have been a better idea and 42% say that Swinemoor Lane will not be able to cope with the traffic.

ALL the comments on Mr Stuart’s blog are against the siting of the hospital on the Swinemoor Lane site and refer to the same concerns raised on this blog, namely flooding, traffic, wildlife, poor consultation and the availability of a better site.

Come on Mr Stuart, listen to your constituents, after all the PCT do not receive Polling Cards!

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