Posted by: eyespie1 | May 2, 2010

When is a hospital not a hospital?

It seems pretty clear from the answers given at the last Local Community Liaison Group meeting on April 22nd that the PCT have as yet no responsible doctor for our new hospital in Beverley – perhaps they expect a GP to come in and cover, prescribe drugs and so on, which does happen at the Westwood, but that hospital has only 8 beds and 30 beds is a much bigger job. Will any GP take it on?  There was never going to be any resident doctors.  Even at the Westwood hospital, the consultants only come in and do half day outpatient clinics, and have no responsibility for the ward patients. This is a bad situation.  Is this really the hospital we need to replace the Westwood Hospital and to serve thousands of additional residents from Driffield and Hornsea? – EVEN IF IT WAS BEING BUILT ON THE RIGHT SITE


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  2. […] of a permanent clinical – and by this we mean a doctor – in the hospital is something we have campaigned about for years. Maybe, if the PCT had located care at the Westwood site, they could have saved enough money to […]

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