Posted by: eyespie1 | May 3, 2010


Democratic councillor  required- to represent over 400 local signatories to a ‘lost’ petition, 30 plus residents of Sigston Road and at least 44% of voters from MP Graham Stuart’s on-line poll, who voted that an alternative location for the new hospital would have been a better idea than the chosen Swinemoor Lane site.

The person we are looking for can be of any age, race, sex or political persuasion. The only stipulation, is that he or she must believe in the democratic process absolutely and be prepared to fight for it by taking on the powerful establishment of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in support of the ‘deprived’ and seemingly helpless residents of south Beverley, who are attempting to protect the quality of their lives and the environment in which they have chosen to live. In supporting these residents of Beverley, the candidate will be expected to speak out, using all the available media, against the over-development currently taking place in this small but beautiful market town of Beverley and highlight the traffic and parking problems these developments will undoubtedly cause. Unfortunately this particular position is not remunerated but, in return, we guarantee support for the candidate and will do our best to ensure that he/she represents us, following the next local elections.

Closing date for applications is before the Reserved Matters Council Meeting -expected to be August 2010. On-line only please.

NOTICE!  The closing date for this vacancy has been extended to September 23rd, due to no applications being received.  NONE AT ALL!

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