Posted by: swinemoor | May 17, 2010

Let the PCT know what you think

Now is probably your last chance to get your voice heard:  The PCT are holding an event at Temperton House, Beverley Westwood Hospital on 27th May 2010 12:00 – 19:00 to publicise the final designs for the new Community Hospital on Swinemoor Lane.

new hospital poster

Please use this opportunity to tell the PCT that Beverlonians value their beautiful surroundings and do not want them spoiled by a building purporting to be a hospital – no matter how beautiful the designs are. Remember the old adage, never judge a book by its cover…..

Do not forget this ‘hospital’ will have:

When is a hospital not a hospital?   When it is being built on flood risk land in Beverley that’s when!

Please attend on 27th May 2010 at Beverley Westwood Hospital and tell the PCT we would rather keep our existing hospital as the new one is all style and no substance…..sound familiar????

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