Posted by: swinemoor | May 30, 2010

What is wrong with Hornsea and Driffield?

27 May 2010 – PCT Open Day at Temperton House, Beverley

At this meeting it was obvious that the PCT were not interested in the views of those of us who will have to live with the consequences of the folly on Swinemoor, they really only wanted to box-tick. In other words, they wanted to demonstrate to the planners at ERYC that they had shown the latest plans to the public. However, once again, they DID NOT visit Driffield or Hornsea, towns that will LOSE their cottage hospitals if the folly is built.

Why do the PCT not want to visit Hornsea or Driffield?

The councillors on the ERYC Planning Committe voted in favour once without any consultation with the people of Hornsea and Driffied, are they insensitive enough to do this again?

If they do they should be aware that they are up for re-election in May of next year and we have long memories…..


  1. […] No beds in Driffield (or Hornsea) An article in Wednesday’s Driffield Times yet again demonstrates the inadequacy of the PCT’s consultation exercise. Something we at NSH have been complaining about for some time. […]

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