Posted by: swinemoor | May 31, 2010

The cheapest but not the best!

The Primary Care Trust said last Thursday (27th May) that they had chosen the site at Swinemoor because it was the cheapest to purchase: this is not the first time they have said this. However, it should be remembered that the cheapest site to purchase is not always the cheapest (or best) site to be developed.

In order to attempt to justify its choice of site and be allowed to develop it, the PCT have had to employ a large number of consultants to undertake wildlife and other surveys, design and redesign buildings, carry out flood risk assessments, sequential and exception tests and design flood alleviation measures. If the PCT’s original ‘preferred site’ had been chosen, next to the ambulance station, most of this would not have been necessary.

This begs a number questions:

  1. How much is the Swinemoor Lane site costing to develop?
  2. Did anyone carry out a cost-benefit analysis comparing this site to the one next to the ambulance station?
  3. What was the main driver behind the PCT choosing the Swinemoor Lane site?
  4. If the PCT had carried out most of the surveys before they had paid the non-refundable deposit on the Swinemoor Lane site, would they still have chosen this site.

These are questions that the people of Beverley and Holderness require an answer to.

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