Posted by: eyespie1 | June 1, 2010

The Hospital herb garden won’t get vandalised!

The questions being asked at the last Hospital Liaison meeting on April 22nd, were not only about such minor details as, are there going to be any resident doctors in this hospital and why is someone  who is possibly having a heart attack, having to travel for over 35 minutes by ambulance to reach a hospital which has an Accident & Emergency Department. Oh no, things were clearly progressing from previous discussions about the choice of local artists to paint the hospital walls and confirmation that the hospital cafe was not going to be a trucker’s cafe, to an announcement about their plans for a hospital herb garden.

We all know, of course, how important it is in these financially difficult days, to grow your own. More desirable, of course, would have been an organic herb garden, but not much chance of that, growing, as they will be,  only a few hundred yards from what will soon become one of the busiest roads in East Yorkshire .

It was ‘interesting’ to hear that the PCT did not have any concerns about the possibility that there would be regular vandalism to their herb garden! A very brave thing to announce, since the PCT have chosen to build this ‘hospital’ in a such a disadvantaged area. The residents disagree – but it doesn’t really matter what they think, does it? For the record, they think  that rice may stand a better chance of surviving!

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