Posted by: eyespie1 | June 2, 2010

No doctors at Bridlington Hospital to read an ECG!

John, a 35 year old Beverley man, was taken to Bridlington Hospital by one of his work mates from his workplace at Carnaby. He was suffering with chest pains and was therefore given an ECG.  He was not allowed to go home or back to work until a doctor had read the results, but as there was no doctor at Bridlington to carry this out,  John had to be taken by ambulance to Scarborough hospital. He was given the all clear and his relatives drove to Scarborough to pick him up.

NOSWINEMOORHOSPITAL says: How much did that ambulance ride to Scarborough cost the Health Service – just to read an ECG? This situation will not change with the opening of the new ‘folly’ hospital on Swinemoor Lane.


  1. […] spin machine, however, when you take into account the recent posts here about the situation in Bridlington and Scarborough, it would seem sensible not to put your trust the local PCT where health provision […]

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