Posted by: swinemoor | June 3, 2010

More drainage issues

The PCT in its submission to the council for planning permission said that in order to alleviate flooding on the site a drain would be opened up to connect up with the Beverley and Barmston drain. In a response to a question at a meeting on 30th November 2009, Interserve stated that this would not be a new drain, just an expansion of the existing one.

A cursory glance at Google Maps reveals the only viable drain connecting the proposed hospital site to the Beverley and Barmston Drain is Turf Dyke running along the northern boundary of Swinemoor Common. Unfortunately for the PCT a planning request to culvert part of this same drain was submitted on 24th December 2009! Click here and search under the reference: 09/05086/PLF. See location of culvert below:

In spite of the concerns of the Pasture Masters regarding additional flooding of the common, the culverting of this drain will cause a constriction in the (excavated?) watercourse and a backing-up of the excess water draining from the hospital site during flood events, potentially leading to additional flooding along the Hull Bridge Road and on Swinemoor Common.

It beggars belief that the powers that be are unaware of this problem. Once again there is an absence of joined-up thinking: each application is looked at in its own bubble without taking into account their cumulative impact.

This is a common theme around Beverley in general and on Swinemoor Lane in particular, where the cumulative effects on traffic of numerous developments and the new relief road have not been looked at together.

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