Posted by: eyespie1 | June 4, 2010

The PCT’s Consultation Exercise – Who was actually consulted?

Well, the PCT’s seven sided,  Summary of their Planning Application Consultation Exercise (May 2009 to May 2010) certainly looks impressive, to say the least and may satisfy the Councillors’ at the forthcoming Reserved Matters meeting (which we presume, was the intention). However: it is noticeable that their only two visits to Hornsea were to discuss developments with a local stakeholder group (May 18th, 2009) and then to give a presentation to Hornsea Community Hospital ward staff.(October 8th, 2009)  Poor old Driffield doesn’t get a mention at all and this was confirmed on the streets of Driffield this week, when members of the public declared that they knew nothing about the new Beverley Hospital and were not aware that all the beds would go at their Albert Bean Hospital. The last newspaper report they had seen was before Christmas!  Beverley has done alright it seems, with all those road shows and a 2,000 plus leaflets drop to the Swinemoor Estate residents.  Sadly, those few that did receive them (and we have heard from many who didn’t) were not made aware that this hospital would not be equipped to deal with accidents and emergencies and probably not even have a resident doctor. Talking of Doctors, it would have been useful to know how many of the 12 East Riding GPs (out of the 53 GP Practices notified) who turned-up at the GP consultation event at Beverley Racecourse on June 9th 2009, were actually interested in supporting this hospital.   Has any feedback been recorded and is it available for the public to see?


  1. I think that the council should build the hospital somewere else and you are right.

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