Posted by: eyespie1 | June 7, 2010

What is best for Beverley- a Good Hospital or a High Quality Boutique Hotel?

Well, we now know what answer those in charge of Beverley’s future development, would give. These groups have got their heads together and yes, we were right after all, they will sell-off the Westwood hospital site and are planning to build in its place, either a new High Quality Boutique Hotel or alternatively they will convert the existing buildings for residential apartments, coupled with complementary small scale additional blocks for further housing/apartment units.

The Beverley Renaissance Partnership’s draft, Investment & Development Strategy dated 29th October 2009 is the core document in the Beverley town plan and sets out a vision for the town, this being one of their long term objectives.  Now we know why this partnership, which includes the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Beverley Town Council, Beverley and District Chamber of Trade and not forgetting, yes, the East Riding of Yorkshire Primary Care Trust, are desperate for their Swinemoor plans to succeed. It is all so orderly. The first Community hospital Liaison Meeting was held on October 13th 2009; on October 29th, the Beverley Renaissance Partnership released their Investment & Development Strategy draft. How timely!

We would like them to tell us:

1.        Why would the Westwood Hospital entrance arch way, being used as an excuse to close the hospital down, be any more suitable for use by hundreds of hotel guests and visitors, or apartment owners, than hospital visitors?

2.        Why are your groups seemingly more concerned with turning our beautiful market town into a hive of commercial activity,  than for the quality of life of the people who live here? -Isn’t the massive Flemingate development and soon the Grovehill Development, enough for you?

Now, we are not really suggesting that there is anything irregular taking place here, after all, these groups will argue that they want to create jobs, want to see this place expand and prosper, but hang on a minute, what about us, the people who already live here?  We believe that Beverley residents should come before visitors and they do not want to live in the centre of an expanding business community, with the travel, traffic and parking problems that come with it!

They do want good quality hospital care, they want Beverley’s common lands and historic buildings and important sites to be saved from development. (which will save the nature that goes with it) They want those ‘currently’ in power to stop wasting their taxes on unnecessary and wasteful developments and to look after the beauty we already have.

NSH wants the  East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the East Riding of Yorkshire Primary Care Trust to consider the following:-

£22 million is to be spent on the Swinemoor Hospital. We would like to see this money used to rejuvenate the hospitals we already have which would serve all the East Riding residents: £18 million to Bridlington Hospital, to get  some doctors and we think it should have an Accident and Emergency department;  £2 million to improve and retain the Alfred Bean hospital in Driffield and the other £2 million, which they are to spend alleviating the flood land on the Swinemoor site could be used to improve the services at the Beverley Westwood hospital.  

What do you think? Let us know.


  1. I live on the swinemoor estate and would support the spending of this money on the swinemoor site. I along with the majority of people in Beverley would welcome a new community hospital here.
    Accessability to the present westwood hospital is very poor and swinemoor lane represents very good accessability to a modern hospital which is what Beverley residents deserve.
    In the real world we would like money to be spent on all the regions hospitals but to suggest that Bridlington would provide any benefits to the people of Beverley is ridiculous. Its 23 miles away.
    Im old enough to remember Beverley having 2 hospitals and with the town expanding at an alarming rate I think it only right and proper that we should have a good one now.
    Remember that most residents on the estate if polled would support the building of this hospital in my opinion and we do have an opinion.
    Thank you for letting me comment on this,

    • Our suggestion to revive and update Bridlington Hospital, (while also saving improving the services at our other local hospitals in Beverley, Hornsea and Driffield) is not intended to provide any benefits to the people of Beverley. We in Beverley have only to travel 15-20 minutes to the nearest Accident and Emergency Hospital in Hull. Those in Driffield, Hornsea and other rural areas to the north of Beverley would have to travel twice this distance and many of these people having to rely on public transport, which, is not a 24 hour a day service. Lives are at risk! Shouldn’t we care about others who live out side Beverley? This new hospital has no A & E and can’t help Beverley people anyway.
      PS; Most residents on this estate have already disagreed with you and have now signed two petitions against. You must have missed them both!

  2. I would have to take issue with your assumption that the majority of people in Beverley would welcome a new hospital on Swinemoor, this has not been my experience and I too live in Beverley and regularly talk to residents on this subject.
    Aceesibility to the Westwood Hospital is not as bad as you think: there is another entrance to the site that does not go through the arch on the top of Woodlands: I will do a post on this with the help of some pictures from Google Earth. However, it is obvious from your post that you have not read this blog and do not seem to appreciate that the hospital you will get on Swinemoor Lane will be a hospital in name only. The PCT’s ‘folly’ will not employ any doctors and will not be open 24 hours a day and will have NO accident and emergency department. When pressed on this the PCT continually dissemble suggesting a GP practice will be based there under Phase 2. You should be aware there are currently no plans or funding for Phase 2. You can figure out what this means.
    You also state that Bridlington Hospital does not provide any benefits to the people of Beverley: it does, patients from here are regularly treated there. However, your comment stinks of parochialism – remember, because we in Beverley are going to get a sub-standard hospital, the residents of Driffield and Hornsea will LOSE their existing hospital provision.
    I would love the residents of Swinemoor. Beverley and the East Riding to be polled. I am sure if they were made aware of the FACTS they would vote to keep what they have, a bird in the hand and all that.
    When it comes to a new hospital for Beverley, be careful what you wish for……

  3. […] Remember, if the new ‘Folly on the Lane’  is built on Swinemoor, the plan is to build a hotel on the Westwood site. […]

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