Posted by: swinemoor | June 9, 2010

More questions on the Sequential Test

The Sequential Test was critical to the choice of site for the community hospital as it was supposed to demonstrate that ALL the other possible sites had been looked at and discounted. Notwithstanding the errors in this document, which we have covered previously, does it actually do this?

The document is a series of columns each of which is scored against the chosen site. Here is the exact wording:

seq test key

If you look at the scoring for the two sites East and West of the Driffield Road on the north side of Beverley, they are given the same score as the Swinemoor Site and are, therefore, equally suitable.  A close reading of the final column of the Test may provide a clue as to why the PCT diverted all their attention away from these sites and towards the Swinemoor Site.

Here are the screenshots for the land West and East of the Driffield Road respectively:

Seq Test Driff Road E last columnSeq Test Driff Road W last column

Contrast this with what it says under the same column (Availability, Affordability and Delivery) for the Swinemoor Site:

Seq Test Swinemoor last col extractThere is not a great deal of difference in truth so why was it that the PCT ONLY applied for Planning Permission on the Swinemoor Site when the other two sites were equally suitable?

Why was no Option to Purchase taken out on the other two sites as well?

Why has the PCT
continually stated
this was the only suitable, available and affordable site? Clearly this was not the case.

What was the driver that persuaded the PCT to choose this site (with its additional flooding-related development costs) instead of the  equally suitable sites adjacent to the ambulance station?


  1. I think it’s disgusting how they can spend all that money on building a hospital on marsh land, whgere every resident on the Swinemoor Estate takes their kids and dogs: that road is busy enough and also, if there is a paying car park, people will park all over the Estate. We have grounds where the old hospital is: why not put the money into the grounds were the existing hospital is? A lot of the old buildings from the old hospital are still behind our A and E, why not spend the money on them instead of building more houses and flats?

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