Posted by: eyespie1 | June 13, 2010


In response to Melanie Iredale’s comments in the Hull Mail’s article of 12th June 2010:

Hull DM Protest article

In the above she says,  “at the moment, we have small 12 bed wards on a number of sites, so what we have proposed is one large 30 bed ward……..this is an improvement on what people have got, it’s not a backward step,”   Noswinemoor hospital says, but Melanie, the last form of public transport from Hornsea is 5.30 pm! What happens to people who have accidents after that time? People in Driffield have even further to travel. Many of them can’t afford the fares! Your argument for building on this very unsuitable floodland on Swinemoor Lane, is to serve a deprived community.  Residents do not accept that statement, but even if it were true, why then are you not also concerned with the residents of those places who are to lose their beds when this ‘hospital’ has been built and can’t get  to a hospital?  Surely, they will be the ones deprived?

NSH SAYS:  Melanie, you may be building this new hospital for what YOU WANT TO DELIVER,  but this is not WHAT WE NEED.


  1. As a resident on Swinemoor Lane, a regular walker on Swinemoor Pasture Land and also working for the NHS in this area I feel I have a good insight into the numerous reasons why the hospital should not be sited here. If anyone from from ‘say no to new site’
    contact me I would be more than willing to add my support.

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