Posted by: swinemoor | June 15, 2010

Access Issues

Melanie Iredale continually uses access problems as the main reason for not being able to keep and to update our local Westwood hospital. (see problem of access at the Westwood Hospital). If this is now an issue, it needs to be remembered that it was the NHS itself who sold off some of the the surrounding land (and which included access) for housing. It is therefore a bit rich to constantly dismiss the Westwood site on the basis of an issue which was of the NHS’s own making!

Their access issue therefore seem to surround the entrance from Woodlands via the arch, which is a listed building. The entire Westwood site is illustrated in the image below:

Westwood Site overviewHowever, the PCT NEVER seem to mention the other entrance to the site (which does not have any kind of height restriction) from Laurel Court: this can be seen in the NW of the picture above and is enlarged here:

Laurel CourtWhilst no-one wants to condemn the residents of Laurel Court and Pasture Terrace to increased traffic flows, this is exactly what the PCT wish to do to the residents of  Swinemoor.

Remember, if the new ‘Folly on the Lane’  is built on Swinemoor, the plan is to build a hotel or luxury apartments on the Westwood site.

Will there be no access problems for hotel residents and staff, or alternatively for the owners of the luxury apartments?

What sort of traffic will this generate at what hours of the day or night?

How will the the construction machinery get onto site-  via Laurel Court perhaps?


  1. […] The issues now being raised by Prof. Borthwick should have been in the minds of our elected representatives, who actually make planning decisions, when they supported the idea of development on the Westwood hospital site, It beggars belief that they did not consider the question of access – this blog did. […]

  2. […] be it temporary or permanent. Those of you who read this site will be well aware of the issues surrounding access. If you would like to support this campaign, please sign the petition, which can be found […]

  3. […] it a bit rich that Mr Pearson is now bemoaning the the fact that the site is brownfield and that access through narrow streets will be required in order to develop it. This was inevitable once the ERYC had granted planning permission for the other developments on the […]

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