Posted by: eyespie1 | June 21, 2010

Bridlington Hospital: “there is no system in place, whereby the public can access a hospital doctor if they are experiencing an emergency.”

A YOUNG couple delivered their son in the back of a car – parked just a few feet from Bridlington Hospital  Mercedes Bundy, 18, and her partner Mark Ross arrived at the hospital – which no longer offers emergency care – in the early hours of Wednesday, June 2.

Their baby son was well on his way and Mr Ross banged on the door of the hospital, but no one answered and the couple were left to deliver Bailey C-J Ross on their own.   Miss Bundy, of Alexandra Drive, Bridlington, said: “Where better could you head for than a hospital? We knew it did not have any maternity services, but you would expect to get some help. It really was appalling.”

Mr Ross then rang for an ambulance from outside the town’s ambulance station, next to the hospital, but it was dispatched from Hull and the family said it took 45 minutes to arrive. Miss Bundy said: “I cannot understand why it had to come from Hull. The ambulance operator was no help either, she just kept telling us to keep him warm.”

Shortly after, a hospital porter opened the main doors for the day and Mr Ross told him what had happened. Two members of staff brought the couple blankets.  Miss Bundy suffers from epilepsy and had originally arranged to have her baby at Hull Royal Infirmary, where her epilepsy doctor was based, in case of complications. When the ambulance arrived they were taken to Scarborough Hospital.

Bridlington Hospital lost its maternity services in a series of cuts implemented by Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust, which runs the hospital. Richard Sunley, trust Chief Executive, said: “We always have one doctor on call overnight for our in-patients. However, because Bridlington Hospital no longer accepts cardiac and acute medicine admissions, there is no system in place whereby the public can access this doctor if they are experiencing an emergency.”

Jack Ewing, assistant director of A&E Operations for Hull and The East Riding Of Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said they dispatched the nearest available ambulance. He said: “Ambulance clinicians arrived 20 minutes later, which is just outside the 19-minute standard for this type of call.”

Published in Bridlington Free Press-16 June and the Hull& ER Mail -19th June 2010

NSH says: This couple lived in Bridlington and couldn’t get help at their local hospital and the ambulance took 20 minutes!      The new Beverley Hospital, being built to serve thousands of East Riding residents, would not have been able to help them either!  No doctors! No accident & Emergency!

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