Posted by: eyespie1 | July 2, 2010

Come on Driffield, it is not too late to fight health plans

Full text of a letter in in Driffield Times 30th June 2010

ON reflecting on my last week’s letter to the Driffield Times, I suddenly realised I was wrong, I was too negative, because it is not too late.

The United Kingdom has a new coalition government, the  Prime Minister, during Question Time in Parliament, clearly stated that the coalition wanted to maintain local hospital services and halt the previous government’s plans to centralise as much as possible.

So, we must ask for the local health Trust’s plans for re-organ­ising Driffield and Beverley Hospitals, to be re-examined. The work has not started – it is not too late!

I note that a lead has been taken by Driffield Town Council which plans to write to Greg Knight MP regarding the townspeoples  concerns.

Perhaps everyone in the area who has a view on the Alfred Bean Hospital should follow this lead and write to the Rt Hon Greg Knight MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA. Remember:

1: The coalition has changed the policy.

2: The Alfred Bean services must be saved for the town.

3: Work on the Health Trust changes has not started.

4: Ask the MP’s office for an acknowledgement of your letter: if you don’t get one, write again.

5: It is not too late.

Perhaps the people of Beverley who disagree with the Swine-moor Lane proposal should do the same and write to their MP.

Can anyone tell me who owns the land of the proposed site off Swinemoor Lane?

Come on town council, it is time for another protest. Have one on a Friday, so the local MPs can attend. Put on a bus service to Eastburn and get the TV people there again.

The Trust cannot claim government backing and it cannot say it is too late because unwanted National Health Service schemes  are already being abandoned.

Turning to East Riding of Yorkshire Council, perhaps our locally elected representatives can suggest to Coun Parnaby that,  with a change of government and serious pressure to cut excess sive salaries and pensions, he could seize the moment and de­mand that the union agreement they have been hiding behind should be renegotiated.

Constantly we see pictures of Coun Parnaby in his hard hat  and high-visibility jacket posing at various council projects;  maybe in the next one he will have a trowel in his hand, bricking-up the cat flap at County Hall!

Brian Thompson (Letter in ‘Your Views of the News’ in Driffield Times, 30th June 2010)

N.S.H.’s response: It has taken some time, but at last we have had an article published in the Driffield Times – to let the people know that, as Brian Thompson says, it is NOT TOO late and together, we could get this hospital cancelled and ensure the money is better spent on local services, available to all!  While we thank the Driffield Times for publishing details of our campaign, we also believe that they have a public duty to do so- to let the people know and have a say. We will not be privy to the results of the public’s views (texts invited by the Driffield Times, 23.6.10) nor can we contact the writer Brian Thompson, who does not appear to be aware of our blog address- which the DT say they cannot publish? If anyone knows him, please let us know. Thank you Brian, where ever you are

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