Posted by: eyespie1 | July 13, 2010

Hornsea resident has concerns about losing hospital beds.

The writer’s brother-in-law lives permanently in a Hornsea care home and until recently, his wife had visited him regularly and been able to take him out in his wheelchair. However, she was recently taken ill and has been receiving treatment in Castle Hill hospital.  She is now delighted to hear that later this week, she is being moved to a bed in Hornsea Cottage Hospital, where she will be able to receive visits from her relatives, including her ‘disabled’ husband;  they have been apart now, for more than three weeks.

She asks, “What will happen when those local beds go, as her husband would not have been able to visit her in a Beverley Hospital?”

NSH says: There will be numerous cases like this reported, where it will not be easy, perhaps impossible,  for certain people to get to this new Hospital in Beverley. Visiting hours are not yet known, but we do know that the last bus from Hornsea is 5.30 pm. We also know, that the only bus from Driffield – (the 121, which passes the ambulance station site- and could stop right outside) travels down Molescroft Road to the Beverley bus station and does NOT go anywhere near Swinemoor Lane! For Driffield people, yes, there’s a train, but it’s a fair walk to the hospital from the railway station.

What an absurd planning decision and total waste of money! It appears that the ‘deprived’ residents (it was said to be sited to serve ) don’t want it here and that many people from outside Beverley, who have no alternative hospital, won’t be able to get to it!

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