Posted by: eyespie1 | July 14, 2010

Letter to The RT Hon Greg Knight MP.

Subject:  Scarborough NHS Trust Board, its Chief Executive and our local National Health system

Dear Greg Knight  MP

I wrote to both Members of Parliament several weeks ago regarding the Chief Executive of Scarborough Hospital Trust and its Management Board, requesting the removal of all these persons from their positions in the interest of the public. The reason for this is their failure to provide adequate health care services to members of the Community and the public at large in our region and importantly, the demise of local services at our local Bridlington hospital.

This current Scarborough Hospital Trust Management team, has reduced our services to a ‘non-existent’ status over the last few years and our lives are being put at risk either by not being able to access health care from Scarborough Hospital or having to be taken to hospital some 23 miles away, which takes over 35 minutes to travel on a bumpy road in a bumpy ambulance.

We were assured that when our other hospitals were closed down, for example, Lloyds Hospital and The Avenues for maternity, we would not have to travel to receive other services and we could be cared for in our own hospital; this did not happen and in fact, over the last decade, our services have vanished and only hospital management has increased. They have done very little for the people they serve, except to provide a lip service to those that complain. In other words, we have unelected and unaccountable pen pushers and when the Chief Executive declines to meet people like me because we ask the right questions which they cannot answer, we are then ignored. Now that our local health services are gone, we may as well close Bridlington Hospital all together!

The only people who have benefited from these cuts, have been the Scarborough NHS Management fat cats, who appear to have been getting paid more for providing an inadequate and inferior service.  I cannot get medical care and I am severely disabled.

So it is now time for the Chief Executive Mr Sunley and the  Board of Scarborough NHS TO GO, because what the people of Bridlington need is good  local health care services, including an accident and emergency facility, not a hospital system full of quangos  and pen pushers.

Yours Sincerely


cc:  The  RT Hon.  Andrew Lansley,  Secretary for Health                                        cc:  Mr Richard Sunley, Chief Executive, Scarborough  NHS Trust

NSH comment: This copy letter, forwarded to us by a frustrated and angry resident of Bridlington, was sent to his MP on 12th July 2010

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