Posted by: eyespie1 | July 23, 2010


In reply to Sally DeBono’s letter in the Beverley Guardian concern­ing the plans for a new hospital at Swinemoor and the councillors who think they know what is best for us.

It is a well known fact that any coun­cillor only cares about you, or should I say their constituents, when it comes to election time and they want your vote, they will promise you anything hut then have a change of heart once they have been elected.

The only thing that Jim Whitfield is any good at is (a) getting himself re-elected again and again, and (b) manag­ing to hold the office of Mayor on more than one occasion. We cannot blame him for that, it is the people who vote for him who are to blame, people who say “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.

One can be certain that in reply to the question of the many Beverlonians who say they want the new hospital, he will reply to that by saying that it was a general figure of speech.

To build a hospital on a piece of land that is constantly flooded takes some believing, which goes to show how thick the health authority are. After working for the health service for some 30 years or more I have first class experience of this.

Andrew Crookshank did a survey on the television of one hospital down south who were intent on building a new unit some two miles down the road from the current hospital, “what was the point” he asked “when the hospital had all the facilities that were required and that it was a waste of money”.       It would seem that this health author­ity are no better and are intent on doing the same thing.

The health authority have sold the land at the Beverley Westwood site for redevelopment instead of modernising what they already have and building a new unit on the site of where the old wooden huts used to be, but as I said earlier, that is just typical of the health authority with no forethought for the future.

As far as councillors are concerned, all they ever think about is selling off what assets they have to make money. As as I have said on previous occasions, they will let buildings or land fall into disrepair so they can sell them off to the highest bidder to make some more brass so they can give themselves a big pay rise.

Sorry to have to say Sally, when you are trying to get idiots to see sense I am afraid you have no chance.

Ian M. Grant, Beverley


NSH SAYS:  So, we may have assumed correctly? The Westwood Hospital site has already been sold off and we were not told? No wonder some of the Councillors’ have said that “it is  this hospital, or no hospital at all for Beverley”!

Thank you for your support Ian.   We are not finished yet!


  1. I do not ordinarily respond to posts on this blog but I need to correct inaccuracies. Apart from the part of the site that was sold off some years ago the Beverley Westwood site has not been sold to anyone – it is still in the ownership of Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

    The professional view regarding the existing buildings on the Westwood site is that they are not capable of refurbishment. Even if the old entrance to the site had been retained access to the site would still be inferior, via narrow residential streets, without capability of bringing public transport, i.e. buses on or near to the hospital. Thus the site does not meet the PCT criteria for the development of a new Community Hospital for the East Riding sited in Beverley.

  2. Melanie, your site selection criteria have always been very flexible. You and the PCT have stated clearly that your first preference was for the site next to the ambulance station. yet, under the ‘direction’ of the ERYC, you changed this to the Swinemoor site which was and still is unsuitable.
    You were advised by me and others that the wildlife surveys the PCT carried out were unsatisfactory, yet you pushed on with this site only to be surprised when a great crested newt was found. Yet Karen Knapton and Roger Stark (Interserve) were warned by myself and others that there were likely to be Protected Species on the site, especially great crested newts. You (the PCT) never acted on this advice when it was freely given in June 2009 and continually repeated the mantra that this was the preferred site and no other one was an option. Whatever happened to ambulance station site then? That was the preferred site at one time but because of ERYC the PCT changed its mind.
    You (the PCT) can change your mind again and go back to the ambulance station site: it is the best site – you and the PCT know this at heart. There are no issues with wildlife, flooding etc. and the land is available and can be developed much more cheaply.
    Do this and the people of Beverley will thank you. If you choose to carry on throwing good money after bad on the Swinemoor Site you will ultimately achieve nothing.

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