Posted by: eyespie1 | July 30, 2010

No place for hospital

I’VE just read the letter sent by Ian M Grant, of Poplar Drive. I strongly agree with everything he has said.

People take their children and dogs onto Swinemoor, it’s marsh land, not the sort of land for a hospital.

It’s on a busy main road, there will be hospital parking fees, but people will not want to pay for parking and they will park all over the estate – it’s hard enough to get out of Stork Hill Road.

We have a lot of land and a lovely old house at the Beverley Westwood Hospital, why not refurbish what we have already, instead of building more studio flats everywhere on every spare bit of land?

If the council have so much money to waste, how about a cinema or bowling alley- more things to do for the kids in Beverley.

My answer to Mr I Scaife of Goths Lane: we do have a minor injuries department in Beverley and a physiotherapy department.

We could use the money to make the hospital we have better instead of using Swine-moor Land, so there is room for more flats and tiny houses, which will be more desirable near to the Westwood.

Mrs M D Collins, Storkhill Road, Beverley

Letters: Beverley Guardian – Friday July 30th, 2010


  1. I was accosted in Beverley today, just outside of the chippy on the main pedestrian area (Sullivans I think?) by a representative of a petition group for the building of an NHS Hospital in the Swinemoor Lane area. This person lied to me when I asked if this would affect local residents – he advised no residents in the area would be affected by this new build, but yet there is a local residents group petitioning against this?? I am appauled at this behaviour!!
    I have done some investigating this evening regarding the NHS’s presence in Beverley. I cannot believe after selling land which belonged to Beverley Westwood Hospital to housing developers and making huge profits they are looking to build on Pasture land – this is disgusting. Our countryside should be preserved as much as possible and not be used to build new hospitals willy nilly – they shouldn’t of sold the land all them years ago and they wouldn’t have to build and upset people in the process.
    who the hell do you think you are??

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