Posted by: eyespie1 | August 1, 2010

‘Hospital should have local name’. Why not ask the residents Frank?

Well Frank, your report in the Hull Mail (31st July 2010) says that the new community hospital group includes some local residents, yes, yourself and Sally De Bono certainly and she is the authorised spokesperson for the Swinemoor Estate Resident’s Association, who, as you very well know, have been campaigning in opposition to this hospital being built on Swinemoor Lane. Hospital Name HDM 31 July 2010We must ask if  the Local Community Liaison Group’s minutes of 13th October 2009 (4), could be incorrect- or is the Swinemoor Residents Association, which these minutes have associated you with,  a different group for  Swinemoor residents?  However, regardless of who their spokesperson really is, it seems likely that the views of the opposing majority will never be taken into account, their first petition having being ignored, so we suggest that they should at least be allowed to help you out by choosing the hospital’s name? Some suggestions already received, are The East Riding Folly Hospital, The East Riding Biltonbog Hospital, The East Riding Floodlit Hospital. We’ll let you have more, as they come in!

NSH says: If you would like to send your ideas for the name of your new hospital to us (so confident are they that reserved planning will go smoothly for them) we will forward them on to Frank.  You are being allowed to have a say in this hospital after all!!

Sorry, we’re still not giving-up yet!

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