Posted by: eyespie1 | August 2, 2010

The Missing Resident’s Petition

The Chief Executive of the ERY Council, Mr Nigel Pearson, may never have seen the first petition handed-into the Council Offices in 2009, signed by over 400 Swinemoor residents against the building of a new hospital on the Swinemoor Lane, but we now know that it was never considered or even mentioned at the ERY Council’s Outline planning Committee in September 2009. Since the residents became aware of this in October 2009 and despite reports of this ‘missing’ petition in the local press, no written explanation, no apology, nothing, has been sent to this large group of Swinemoor residents, whose opinions continue to be ignored and the true strength of feeling from the locals, covered-up by propaganda from a group of individuals who attend the Community Hospital Liaison Committee meetings. Despite them being notified in November 2009 of the petition’s existence and of the opposition to building a hospital on this site, this information (and despite repeated requests) has still not been included on the Committee’s minutes. Of course, they must continue to maintain that the public have been fully engaged at each stage of the planning process and that they support this hospital and of course a local resident’s petition proves otherwise.

Despite our questions being put to the Council’s planning department, a verbal response only was provided, i,e, that some enquiries were made with the front line staff, and that “the petition must have been handed-in too early”.

Even our MP, Mr Stuart ignores us and the respondents on his own blog!

Unless Mr N. Pearson does not read his local press, he cannot have missed reading about these residents’ frustrations and yet, the second petition, duly handed-in on 18th June 2010 (receipt requested and obtained) and marked for his attention, has still not been acknowledged as having been received, albeit, we see that it appears on the Planning website. Now what, Mr Pearson? We have heard nothing from you – again!

NOTICE to be sent to all ERY Councillors

We are therefore now bringing this matter to the attention of ALL the Councillors, to ensure that the Swinemoor resident’s views will indeed be considered at the Reserved Matters meeting, despite this item not being included in their Reserved Matters items for discussion.  In this, we are citing the Local Authorities (Petitions) (England) order 2010, which came into force on 15th June 2010 and we argue that this is not an Excluded matter, i.e. matter relating to a planning decision, (see ref: Citation, commencement, interpretation and application – 2) because there was a ‘systematic failure by the planning department in discharge of their functions’,( ref. Citation, commencement, etc.. 3)  by not hearing/considering/or acknowledging the resident’s views prior to or during the Outline Planning Council meeting of September 2009 and which could have produced a different decision.

We now intend to ensure that this matter is drawn to the attention of ALL Councillors, prior to Council meetings on 9th and 12th August, by sending them the following link to our NSH (noswinemoorhospital) blog site,

We hope that this time, the resident’s wishes will be fully considered.

Sent from Members of The No Swinemoor Hospital Campaign Group, which includes the Swinemoor Estate Residents Group

NSH’s  Quote: “When complaints are freely heard, deeply  considered and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained that wise men look for” John Milton, 1644


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