Posted by: eyespie1 | August 14, 2010

Should we walk or cycle to this ‘hospital’ Mr Ellul?

Dear  Sir,

“Well done” Councillor Rounding and the Driffield Town Council for getting to grips with the Alfred Bean Hospital crisis.

I understand the NHS plan is to replace the Alfred Bean  Hornsea Hospital and  the Beverley Westwood Hospital with a new 36 bed hospital on Swinemoor  Lane, Beverley.      With a small amount of research, I  have found that the East Yorkshire Council have given outline planning permission to build on a bog, with a colony of Great Crested newts (the NHS is spending £41,000 to get rid of them), a  deposit  has already been paid to  Beverley Consolidated Charity for the land, and the Westwood  Hospital  site may have already been promised to Agents to sell for property development. Are the bureaucrats out of control?

The quote from Ivan Ellul recently in the Driffield Times said “The development is critical for our plans to deliver care closer to home, allowing us to bring more services out of larger hospitals into the community” This is called “spin”, not telling the whole truth. Patients and visitors from Driffield and Hornsea will have to travel to Beverley; this is not “closer to home”.

Marie Antoinette, when told “The poor have no bread”, is reputed to have said “Let them eat cake” Perhaps Oliver Thompson should tell Ivan Ellul “the poor and old of Driffield and Hornsea cannot visit their sick in hospital because there is no public transport”, will he respond  “Let them take taxis”!

Is it time to storm the Bastille?

Brian Thompson, Driffield

Driffield Times 4th August 2010

NSH says: Thanks too to Driffield Councillor Steve Poessl  for his support at the Pre-Committee presentation in Beverley, on 9th August 2010


  1. Following a recent meeting of the Hospital Trust at Health House Willerby, the Business Plan for the New East Riding Community Hospital for Beverley and the rural areas of the East Riding was unanimously agreed. Despite issues raised by Government spending proposals the financing, income streams and future sustainability of the development were judged to be carefully researched, rigorous and accurate.

    The Business plan underpinning the Community Health strategy for this part of the East Riding. The hospital will serve as a hub for Community Health Teams working across the rural areas to minimise hospital admissions by improving health monitoring, advising on efficient medication and preventative nursing.

    The benefits for Beverley are better access to clinics, the Minor Injury Unit, X-Ray and other facilities. Despite popular affection for the old Westwood site the areas needs will be better served in this new location. Extensive examination of the site, design proposals to ensure that flooding will not occur and renovation of existing dykes will actually improve drainage around and across the pasture.

    East Riding County Council, having been consulted, are advising on traffic flow issues, filter lanes and pedestrian crossing arrangements. No traffic management proposals will affect the grass verge or pavement width of pavement width of Swinemoor Lane and the generous parking space on the hospital site will remove any need for local on-street parking.

    Though Beverley Town Council objected to issues regarding the architecture, the hospital is designed to have a low impact on its surroundings, both visually and environmentally.

    This hospital’s value comes from its contribution to the long term health of East Riding residents.

    Frank Gray Chair, New Community Hospital Liaison Group

    • Whilst I disagree with much of what Frank has said, I do feel that it would be disrespectful to dissect Frank’s comments in view of his recent passing. Instead, I would like to pass our condolences on to Frank’s widow, Pat, and say that we at NSH appreciate the effort that Frank put in as Chair of the New Hospital Liaison Group; a thankless task if ever there was one.

      Frank was a truly honourable man who was doing what he believed to be right. One can ask no more of anyone, friend or adversary.

      Beverley is a lesser place without you, Frank Gray……

  2. As far as destroying a valuable environment is concerned, residents should say to east yorks council, BOG OFF.

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