Posted by: swinemoor | March 9, 2011

Sense and Nonsense

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Last week’s Beverley Guardian contained an excellent letter from Tudor Jackson which, in a nutshell, encapsulated all the things that NSH has been saying about the hospital site to anyone that will listen, i.e. it will flood, cause parking problems in neighbouring streets and traffic snarl-ups on Swinemoor Lane.  SENSE.

Karen Knapton, Chair of the NHS East Riding of Yorkshire, did a puff piece for the same paper talking about the ‘journey’ that they had travelled to get here and the ‘wildlife surveys’ that were completed. What about those that were not completed? What about the irreplaceable loss of habitat? We at NSH disagree, it is not ‘fantastic news’ and we are VERY concerned.
Presumably the ‘journey’ Karen is alluding to was the PCT’s attempt to get the people of Beverley to believe that the Swinemoor Lane site was the PCT’s choice when all the time it was the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s. Utter NONSENSE.


  1. […] In a letter in the  March 25th Edition of the Beverley Guardian, Jim Whitfield took issue with Tudor Jackson’s letter of 4th March. However, once again he has repeated the same old mantra that all the appropriate authorities have […]

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