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Chronology – 9 September 2010 – a sad day indeed!

9 September 2010

 Our Ref: DC/10/02411/STREME/STRAT/SL2

Your Ref: Contact: Mrs Susan Hunt Telephone: (01482) 393840/393666

Erection of a community hospital with associated car parking (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale to be considered) following Outline permission 09/02646/STOUT at Land South East Of Swinemoor Lane Roundabout Swinemoor Lane Beverley East Riding Of Yorkshire for NHS East Riding Of Yorkshire

You wrote to me about the above application, and I confirm that your views were taken into consideration when the application was discussed. After taking all relevant issues into consideration, the Council has resolved to grant planning permission subject to the following conditions:-

1. No development shall take place (or as otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority) until details of the materials to be used in the construction of the external surfaces of the development hereby permitted have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Development shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details. This condition is imposed because the use of inappropriate materials could be harmful to the appearance of the area and that the Council, therefore, needs to retain a measure of control in accordance with Policy SP5 of the Joint Structure Plan and Policy D1 of the Beverley Borough Local Plan.

2. The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans:

(P)001 Rev- Location Plan (P)002 Rev- Existing Site Layout (P)003 Rev B Site Layout (P)101 Rev B Ground Floor Plan (P)103 Rev- Roof Plan (P)201 Rev A Elevations – General (P)202 Rev A Elevations – Community A (P)203 Rev A Elevations – Community B (P)204 Rev A Elevations – Community C (P)205 Rev B Elevations – Community D (P)301 Rev- Sections 1 of 2 (P)302 Rev- Sections 2 of 2 (P)501 Rev- Energy Centre A & Bin Store General Arrangements (P)502 Rev- Energy Centre B General Arrangement (P)503 Rev A Cycle Shelter (P)504 Rev- Bin Store B (P)601 Rev- Topographical Survey (P)701 Rev- View from South West of Site (P)702 Rev- View from North East of Site (P)703 Rev- View from North of Site (P)704 Rev- View from South of Site 28952-P-12-01 Rev B Finished Level Layout WT101070L01 Rev J General Arrangement Plan Landscape 101070L02 Rev A Site Sections WT101070L10 Rev D Planting Plans 1 of 4 WT101070L11 Rev B Planting Plans 2 of 4 WT101070L12 Rev A Planting Plans 3 of 4 WT101070L13 Rev D Planting Plans 4 of 4 101070L14 Rev A Grass Seed Species Mixtures WT101070L15 Rev G Coloured Landscape Masterplan 101070D01 Rev A Newt Barrier & Pedestrian Gate Detail 101070D02 Rev- Typical Pond Details 101070R04 Rev- Edible Landscape Strategy This condition is imposed for the avoidance of doubt and to ensure that the development hereby permitted is carried out in accordance with the approved details in the interests of the character and amenity of the area and the provisions of the development plan.

3. The development hereby permitted shall only be carried out in accordance with the Great Crested Newt and reptile mitigation strategy outline in the Environmental Statement. This condition is imposed in order to ensure that the development and mitigation measures accord with the requirements set out in the Environmental Statement , in accordance with Joint Structure Plan for Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire policy ENV3 and Beverley Borough Local Plan policy E18.

Please inform me if you require further details or an explanation of this decision.

Yours sincerely

Peter Ashcroft Head of Planning and Development Management

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