Posted by: swinemoor | April 9, 2011

In the Press – latest

In a letter in the  March 25th Edition of the Beverley Guardian, Jim Whitfield took issue with Tudor Jackson’s letter of 4th March. However, once again he has repeated the same old mantra that all the appropriate authorities have been consulted.  What he has not commented on is that these organisations were furnished with documents that contained errors of fact, such as the site did not flood on 25th June 2007 or that the hedgerows on the site were species-poor

Any Government body can only base its decision on the information supplied to it. If that information is factually incorrect or is deficient, any decision based upon it is likely to be poor.  As the techies would say ‘garbage in, garbage out.’  It was the ERYC’s planning department’s job to ensure that any errors or deficiencies in the submissions presented to them were corrected.  For some reason, in the case of this hospital on this site, they chose not to.

Edward Ball letter to Beverley Guardian 8th April 2011

Mr Whitfield, stop hiding behind the smokescreen of poor decisions, listen to the people of Swinemoor, such as Mr Fox whose letter appeared in the Beverley Guardian on 1st April 2011. Or local constituent Mr Hall, whose letter appeared in the same publication on 8th April.

This is the wrong ‘cottage’ hospital in the wrong place. Instead of having a go at Mr Jackson, why not start asking questions about why such an unsuitable site was foisted upon the PCT in the first place?

This way you would be supporting those whose vote you wish to secure on May 5th.

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