Posted by: swinemoor | April 10, 2011

Right Cars, Wrong Use?

Screen dump Right CarSome people living on and near Swinemoor Lane may have noticed that there has been a lot of activity in and around the former Right Car showroom on Swinemoor Lane lately.  There was a rumour that this might have something to do with the construction of the new ‘cottage’ hospital on Swinemoor Lane. These rumours have proved correct.

In a slight of hand worthy of Colonel Gaddaffi, a planning application was submitted to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council on 9th February 2011 by Messrs Barton and Mainprize (see image above)  to use the site for temporary storage. No mention was made of the PCT , the construction of the new hospital or the nature of the materials stored. Unsurprisigly, therefore, the application was granted without any fuss on 25th March 2011. You can check the lack of information supplied for youself under the planning reference 11/00497/PLF.

At the Local Community Liaison Group meeting on 30th March, in response to questioning on the issue, the PCT confirmed that they had indeed rented the Right Car site. When pressed as to why they had kept this a secret, the PCT answered saying that there was a risk materials stored on-site would be stolen if they publicised what they were doing.

This is symptomatic of the paternalistic attitude of the PCT (and ERYC) in general and with this development in particular: we know what is best for you and we are not going to tell you about it until we have done it. It also raises a number of other serious questions:

  1. Did the ERYC know who was applying to store materials on the site and, if so, why did they not tell anybody?
  2. There were very strict planning conditions relating to the construction of the hospital in terms of the provision of a right-turning filter lane and pedestrian lights etc., what happened to these?
  3. There is a very strong rumour that the PCT were using the old Right Car site to store building materials prior to applying for planning permission, is this true?
  4. If the above was true, why was no enforcement action taken?
  5. Has any account been taken of the extra traffic movements on Swinemoor Lane as a result of the trans-shipment of materials from the old Right Car site?
  6. Has any account been taken by ERYC Highways of the HGV movements to and from the old Right Car site, which is much closer to Grove Hill Roundabout?
  7. Have there been any alterations to the planning conditions imposed by elected councillors by unelected officials?
  8. Why did ERYC Highways not keep members of the NSH group informed of any requests by the developers of the site (the PCT) to vary planning conditions as they promised they would at a meeting on the 17th December 2009?

These questions will be put to the council shortly, however, once again, as with the original Outline Planning Permission application, the purchase of the site by the PCT, the removal of the hedgerows, the lack of consultation and the finding of the Great Crested Newt, the lack of tranparency by the PCT and ERYC is palpable…..and unacceptable.


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