Posted by: swinemoor | December 19, 2013

The Westwood Hospital Site

Alastair Borthwick has penned an interesting letter to the Beverley Guardian,Image which was published on the 6th December 2013. In this Prof. Borthwick raises the issue of accessing the old hospital site across the Westwood rather than through the town to avoid danger to pedestrians. In essence I agree with Prof. Borthwick’s sentiments but, once again, we are in danger of fighting the wrong battle.

The writing was on the wall for the Westwood site long ago: it was earmarked for development and it was this that led to the siting of the new hospital on Flood Zone 3 land on the East side of Beverley. There was no reason that the hospital could not have been accommodated on the existing site but, as with everything Westwood-related, dollar-signs won the day – the land was too valuable to build a mere hospital on, better to have housing or even a hotel. Hospitals can be condemned to floodland….

The issues now being raised by Prof. Borthwick should have been in the minds of our elected representatives, who actually make planning decisions, when they supported the idea of development on the Westwood hospital site, It beggars belief that they did not consider the question of access – this blog did.

Access across the Westwood, if avoiding any trees – and some of the oldest trees on the Westwood are in the vicinity, is possible but it would set a dangerous precedent. It may well suit ERYC to set such a precedent and they may well have intended this for the site all along. If granted, then the sites occupied by the Longcroft Schools, East Riding College, Beverley Grammar School and Minster School will all be vulnerable to future development if construction access is permitted across the Westwood. It is this bigger picture, Prof. Borthwick, that we should be fighting for the benefit of the very children you mention in your letter.


  1. […] Well, at least you cannot accuse ERYC of being short-termist! […]

  2. […] of these areas are under the same threat that is why any access to the old Westwood Hospital site should be opposed as it will involve the loss of sections of hedgerow and damage to unploughed […]

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