Posted by: swinemoor | December 21, 2013

Hospital Minor Injuries to Open for Longer


The Beverley Guardian (13 December 2013) reports that the Minor Injuries Unit is now to open seven days a week for the next six months because a significant number of people …arrive at the hospital outside of normal hours, without an appointment, expecting to find the Minor Injuries Unit open.

Hello! People come to a Minor Injuries Unit because they are……injured! People don’t generally get injured for appointments, it just sorta happens and then they require treatment. This is what most people believe a hospital is for: the treatment of injuries/sickness when they occur. Sadly, it would appear that the Humber NHS Foundation Trust think otherwise.

Whilst NSH welcomes the increased opening hours, the lack of a permanent clinical – and by this we mean a doctor – in the hospital is something we have campaigned about for years. Maybe, if the PCT had located care at the Westwood site, they could have saved enough money to employ a 24 doctor service at the ‘cottage’ hospital.

Once again, we at NSH say this is the wrong hospital in the wrong place.


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