Posted by: swinemoor | December 29, 2013

Kerri Harold

We at NSH remember Councillor Kerri Harold and her unswerving support for the new ‘cottage’ hospital and the closure of the Westwood site. Kerri had access to the local media in a way in we at NSH could only dream of so to read that she has recently fallen foul of the fourth estate has filled us with more than a sense of Schadenfreude. 

Mrs Harold is known for her plain speaking so, in this regard, NSH would recommend that you read Tony Rome’s letter in the Beverley Guardian (20th December 2013) and remember this as well as her support for the Folly on the Lane in spite of local objection, when you cast your votes in May 2015.

Don’t worry, we will remind you again nearer the time.


  1. I wish I could see that letter, sadly the filter on the Bev. Guardian website isn’t bringing anything up. I have noticed fewer letters in the paper recently..

    • Kate,

      You can read Tony Rome’s letter on the Beverley Commons Blog site: it is clickable and has been scanned from the print edition. Just click where it says ‘Tony Rome’s letter’ and it will come up on screen. It is an excellent letter and sums up Mrs Harold’s present position, which we at NSH believe is untenable.

      Undaunted, Mrs Harold is on the front page of the Beverley Advertiser today pontificating about parking in the town. You would think she is in the habit of opposing council plans, however, she is a member of the governing party here in the East Riding and, therefore, must bear some responsibility for the policies it implements……

      • Oh I saw, it’s like ‘Where’s Wally’ but with local Cllrs…

  2. […] about the parking restrictions in the town and the problems they are causing. We agree Councillors Harold and Elvidge: the parking restrictions in the town were a blunder – by the governing party in […]

  3. […] for people to sign a petition to save the Lincoln Arms pub. We at NSH think this is a bit rich as Cllr Harold is a member the East Riding of Yorkshire Council: a council that ‘lost’ a petition […]

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