Posted by: swinemoor | December 30, 2013

The Mayor Meets…..

On the 22 November 2013 Martin Cox interviewed Andrew Marr, Vice Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire, in the Beverley Guardian. The headline of this article on Page 6 says I feel passionately about conservation and heritage issues. Whilst we at NSH do not wish to criticise Mr Marr, it is interesting to note that this headline is a quote from the article itself and this is the one and only time that the word conservation appears in the article. This is typical of the ‘greenwashing’ that takes place in the press these days. Politicians (we do not include you in this reviled category Mr Marr) use it liberally but do they practice what they preach? Why did Mr Cox choose this line from his interview with Mr Marr? Mr Marr makes many other very valuable points about development in the town in the article but none of these were chosen for the headline, sadly.

Ephemeral pool on Swinemoor Common grazed and puddled by horses creating a unique  matrix of habitats

Ephemeral pool on Swinemoor Common grazed and puddled by horses creating a unique matrix of habitats

The point we at NSH are trying to make here is that Mr Marr is trying to articulate what many Beverlonians feel and they equate Westwood with conservation and the preservation of Beverley as a desirable place to live. Unfortunately this focus on Westwood and, as a result, the ignoring of Beverley’s other commons, allows those who seek to damage and encroach upon them the opportunity to do so under the radar. Of all the commons, with the exception of the Hurn, Westwood is the least interesting from a natural history point of view. Lund, Figham and Swinemoor being much richer in terms of their fauna and especially their flora with the latter being the jewel in the crown.

What Mr Marr needs to do, as do many of the residents of Beverley, who are unaware of the existence of these commons, is visit them, take ownership of them and embrace them for the special places that they are. Conservation is not just a word, it’s a way of life. If you are serious about it, you must act and not fall for the politicians’ trap and be guilty of putting words before deeds.

Go on Mr Marr, visit Swinemoor and see what a wonderful place this is for nature and use your good offices to help protect it from the uncaring politicians and developers who seek to destroy it.

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