Posted by: swinemoor | December 31, 2013

A Recap of the last 6 months at the ‘Folly on the Lane’

The last six months have been a torrid time for the ‘cottage’ hospital with beds closing, poor reports from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the threat of fines as a result. It gives NSH no pleasure to report these but we do believe that it is timely at the end of 2013 to record these incidents and to act as a repository for information about the scandal that this wrong hospital in the wrong place has become. In the run-up to the next ERYC elections in 2015 we want the ‘cottage’ hospital to remain an issue and we would like voters to ask those councillors who supported the Swinemoor Lane site why they did so at the time. It is their support that led to the loss of the widely loved Westwood site and its replacement by the pig in a poke that we now have. Strange how those same politicians who supported the Swinemoor site have been so quiet about the ‘hospital’ recently.

Anyway onto the chronology:

There you have it: an annus horribilis if ever there was one but don’t say we at NSH didn’t warn you…..

Summary of Inspection 4 June 2013

We found that patients were satisfied with the care and treatment they received on the thirty bedded ward, on the day of the inspection visit. They told us, “Staff are fantastic, friendly and they explain your care to you”, “I’d rather be here than anywhere else” and “I am well looked after and couldn’t ask for more.” Generally staff understood safeguarding practices and procedures and understood they had a responsibility to protect patients. Management of medicines was satisfactory, the premises were safe and staff were safely recruited. There were concerns regarding some staff competency on the thirty bedded ward and within the Neighbourhood Community Team. We identified areas of concern in respect of serious untoward incidents, and subsequent learning and actions by The Trust. This potentially put people at risk of harm (CQC 2013).

Summary of Inspection 3 October 2013

We carried out an inspection of the East Riding Community Hospital in June 2013 where we found we had some concerns about the risks to patient ‘care and welfare’, ‘supporting workers’ and ‘assessing and monitoring the quality of the service’. Compliance actions had been made against the corresponding regulations 9, 23 and 10. The provider, Humber NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust), voluntarily suspended admissions to the hospital and capped the maximum number of patients to twelve, until it had addressed the compliance actions. The Trust was commended for this action taken in the interest of patient safety. We carried out a follow up inspection in October 2013 to assess the progress the Trust had made towards meeting compliance with the regulations. We found that great improvements had been made in patient care and monitoring, supported by improved staff training, knowledge and clinical skills. We also found that governance systems on the ward had developed and were used effectively to assess and monitor the quality of care and treatment patients experienced. It must be noted that there were nine patients on the ward at the time of our visit and the capping of patient numbers to twelve meant that any development work with staff training and governance would have to be further tested once patient numbers increased. We would also like to note that during this inspection we gathered new information from the Trust Neighbourhood Community Team staff: district nurses, community nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, working out of the East Riding Community Hospital. This information has not been used within this report but has been analysed separately and will inform the next inspection to be held at the Trust headquarters location, Willerby Hill. We found that a staff grievance mentioned in our last inspection report had been investigated by the Trust and had been concluded with no case being found (CQC 2013).

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