Posted by: swinemoor | January 18, 2014

Is Beverley Westwood now safe?

Sadly, no! (There will be more on this over the next few weeks)


Complacency is always dangerous!

Whilst it may appear that the campaign to prevent access across the Westwood to the old Hospital site has been successful, there is a worrying section in the Construction Management Plan (CMP) submitted as part of the planning application by P J Livesey.   On Page 11 it says:

If a route were to be established over the Westwood then a formal contractual agreement would need to be agreed and put in place with the Pasture Masters.  It is understood that the Pasture Masters are custodians of the Westwood on behalf of East Riding Council who own the pasture.  If full support were not forthcoming then a public inquiry may be  necessary to secure the necessary agreements [our emphasis].

Even though the ‘Town Route‘ forms the basis of the CMP, there seemingly is still an intention to attempt to secure access across the Westwood.  The battle is not quite won yet so, if you have not done so previously, please sign the petition against allowing construction access across the Westwood.  Only if we can demonstrate the strength of the opposition to this proposal to ERYC, will we finally succeed in taking this option off the agenda for this site, and potentially many others.

Hybrid Black Poplars on Beverley Westwood

Hybrid Black Poplars on Beverley Westwood


  1. The blog suggests that the Westwood is ERYC property, is this correct?

    Are all three Beverley Commons thus administered?

    That is to say, are the registered title(s) in the name of ERYC?

    If so, is there a paper trail of documentation whereby past Beverley Pasture Masters handed common land to the state (ERYC)?

    What role then do the individual BPMs have and are they elected or appointed?

    Are the appointments made by Councillors or ERYC Officers?What level of liability do they [BPMs] have and is this funded by ERYC?

    • We at NSH cannot answer all of these questions but we will do our best.

      Westwood and the other four commons (Hurn, Lund, Figham and Swinemoor)are owned by ERYC but managed by the Pasture Masters under an Act of Parliament.

      The Pasture Masters are ‘Freemen’ of the town of Beverley and, until recently, were all male. The title and rights over the Commons is hereditary. There are annual elections for the Officers of the Pasture Masters.

      The question of liability is unknown to NSH.

      This is perhaps a good topic to post on in depth, following some research – watch this space!

  2. Thank you NSH, do you know if members of the general public can examine ERYC’s archive in which are contained all the historic documentation, relating to the five Beverley Commons?

    Do you know if there is a detailed chronological record / account of all transactions conducted in the ‘public interest’, since the ‘transfer or acquisition’ of the Commons by the Local Authority?

    • In short, no. However, be assured that we at NSH and our supporters are actively investigating this at the moment and will keep you informed.

  3. […] A recent letter in the Beverley Guardian and comments from the developers, P J Livesey, have, once again, raised the question of ownership in regard to Beverley’s Commons. Mrs Young, in her letter, believes that the ownership is vested in ERYC on behalf of the people, whereas P J Livesey are under the impression that ERYC actually own the common. […]

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