Posted by: swinemoor | January 27, 2014

Our Safety, Our Lives, Our…..Parking Spaces!

If you live in and around The Leases in Beverley you will have had a leaflet pushed through your door over the weekend.

Our Safety, Our Lives - Act Now leaflet

Our Safety, Our Lives – Act Now leaflet

This is an emotive plea for you to write to ERYC supporting the option of accessing the Westwood Hospital site across Westwood. However, it is of interest more for what it does not say, than what it does. It claims that the development could mean at least 60 HGV…movements a week. This is less than nine a day, somewhat less than the 1,351 traffic movements there were per day when the hospital was open, which included delivery lorries, refuse collection lorries, skip lorries and fire engines. When the development has been built, the estimated number of traffic movements per day will be 185, including removal lorries, garbage trucks and delivery wagons. In other words a lot less traffic than when the hospital was open and a lot more than what there will be during the construction phase.

In view of this it is difficult to fathom what those wishing to support the Westwood access route are concerned about as road accidents increase proportionately as traffic volumes increase and this will clearly happen when the development is complete. A clue comes tucked-away in the leaflet: here it says that some of our parking spaces will be removed. The very thought is intolerable [their emphasis].

So there we have it. The truth is the proponents of the Westwood access route, no doubt egged-on by ERYC for their own nefarious purposes (more to follow on this shortly ), are more concerned about the loss of their parking spaces than the encroachment  on to Westwood, overturning 635 years of history.

This is a sad indictment of our town. Do we really value our parking spaces more than our history? Is this what those who have gone before us fought for? Parking spaces? We at NSH think it is our duty to protect our commons for future generations from all-comers, including those who value their parking spaces more than the Westwood!

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