Posted by: swinemoor | February 9, 2014

Westwood Planning Deadline – 20th February 2014

P J Livesey, the developers of the Beverley Westwood Hospital site, have written to all the local residents in the area regarding their access plans for the site. A copy of their letter can be read HERE. In this letter they say that they are no longer going to pursue the plans that involved sacrificing a small area of the Westwood, although they believe there was sound logic in doing this. The choice of the word ‘sacrifice’ here is interesting: NSH would agree – once it has been sacrificed, it can never be restored.

The closing date for comments on this application is the 20th February 2014. Whilst, at this moment, there is no proposal within the application to utilise the route over Westwood; there is always the risk with ERYC that this may be subject to change after planning permission has been granted – remember the no trans-shipment and no right-turn conditions on Swinemoor Lane that were removed during the construction of the ‘Folly on the Lane?’ Those who are still campaigning for access across Westwood have not given up and neither must we.

Attached is a exemplar letter to the Planning Officer for the case. Please feel free to use as is or add-in your own comments on the access issue or on any other concerns you have regarding this development: there are a number including trees, historic buildings, overlooking and ecology. You can send your comments in as a letter or email ERYC direct on Alternatively, you can visit the ERYC website and type in your response directly on their comments screen.

Remember: if you wish to object to anything, say so using the word ‘object’. If you do not, your response may be considered but it will not be counted as an objection.


  1. […] we have stated before on this blog, NSH believes that this application should be refused as it is deficient in terms of the built […]

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