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Comments on Westwood Hospital Application

Letter from Richard Lidwell in Beverley Guardian 13/9/2014

Letter from Richard Lidwell in Beverley Guardian 13/9/2014

The Planning Permission application by P J Livesey is now wending its way through the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s (ERYC) procedures – let’s hope this one has not already been decided behind closed doors and that, for once, the ERYC will listen to the people of Beverley and, at the very least, defer this application.

A read of the comments on the ERYC website is instructive and clearly shows the strength of feeling regarding the access route across Westwood, as well as the development itself. The application is due to be determined on the 7th March and we at NSH will keep you informed of any and all developments.

A trawl through the back issues of the Beverley Guardian revealed a prescient letter by Richard Lidwell, which was published in the aforementioned organ on the 13th September 2013, well before P J Livesey submitted their application for Planning Permission on 25th November. Mr Lidwell’s letter says it all; it raises concerns about the demolition of listed buildings, the over-development of the site, the lack of specificity in the plans and even the potential access route across Westwood.

Mr Lidwell’s letter ends with a plea to the developers, P J Livesey, asking them to go back to the drawing board and reconsider their plans for the site. What a pity they chose not to take Mr Lidwells advice. Let us hope, on this occasion, that ERYC do.

EDIT: Following a comment on this article from Joanne, who noticed that Mr Lidwell has commented on behalf of the Beverley Civic Society on the development, we at NSH felt that, for completeness, we should allow readers to view his comments HERE. Hat-tip to Joanne for spotting this!


  1. Is this the same Richard Lidwell supporting the application if you refer to the Planning Application 13/03875/STPLF on the 31/01/14, Beverley & District Civic Society

    • Joanne,

      You are right! NSH missed this as the comments from the Beverley Civic Society are in the parallel application for the site: that said, there does not seem to be any logical reason for two applications but there we are…..

      To a certain extent Mr Lidwell, echoes his comments in the letter reproduced from the Beverley Guardian, although the Civic Society has steered clear of the contentious issue of access to the site over Westwood. We at NSH believe this to be a mistake but a voluntary organisation is bound the the will of its members and we do not wish to criticise the Society who do a lot of good work around the town. That said, we do reserve the right to criticise Beverley Town Council who have chosen to make no comment on the development, under either application number.

      We will add a link to the article to the Beverley Civic Society’s response as it has been submitted by Mr Lidwell.

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