Posted by: swinemoor | March 8, 2014

York Road Parking Tickets

On the 15th of January this year a number of cars parked along York Road in Beverley were issued parking tickets by Traffic Wardens (‘blue meanies’) working for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  When questioned by local residents, the Wardens told them that the parking restrictions they were enforcing extended from the double yellow lines on the carriageway edge right up to the garden walls on the properties.  However, on a number of deeds this land is designated as ‘Westwood’, therefore parking there should be free all day.  These lines and the garden walls can clearly be seen on Figure 1.

Double yellow lines and garden walls on York Roiad, Beverley

Figure 1: Double yellow lines and garden walls on York Road, Beverley

Following residents’ complaints, the parking restrictions enforced here have now been lifted by ERYC saying a mistake had been made and residents have been told that they can now park on their frontage again.  Whilst this is good news, it once again demonstrates the unrelenting pressure that our commons are under from the local council who wish to extent their control over them.  The need for vigilance when protecting our commons is a matter for all those who love the town as we clearly cannot rely on our elected representatives to do so on our behalf.  That said, it is also important that we do not provide the council with an excuse that they can use in their attempt to exert control over the pastures and, in this regard, parking on Westwood is a cause celebre that needs to be addressed.

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