Posted by: swinemoor | May 4, 2014

Councillor Pearson: Parking and Posturing

Councillor Bryan Pearson who, if readers are unaware, is a member of the Conservative Party was pictured on the front page of the Beverley Guardian on the 11th April 2014 (see below) complaining about motorists parking on Westwood all day, churning up the grass and causing problems for visitors. Mr Pearson then goes on to say that it is difficult to park in the town and that he will be contacting partners at Beverley Town Council and the Pasture Masters to stop the Westwood being turned into a giant car park each morning. Finally Councillor Pearson says that he observed the problems himself after a number of concerned residents got in touch with ward councillors.

Pearson Westwood Parking

Beverley Guardian 11th April 2014

We at NSH find this extraordinary: everyone living in Mr Pearson’s Ward is well aware of the parking problems on Westwood, however, Mr Pearson and his colleagues have only recently been made aware of them it would appear. Do these councillors not know what is going on our common lands? It would seem not as Mr Pearson and his colleagues have been noticeably silent on the other issues facing Westwood and Hurn, namely the development at the former Westwood Hospital site (and the associated temporary road) and the proposed cycle path and land swap. What has Mr Pearson said about these issues? Nothing.  Nada.

In view of this, NSH are taking a cynical approach to Mr Pearson’s latest comments. This issue, whilst live, is of lower importance than the others on which he has had nothing to say. There is a suspicion of posturing here in advance of the local elections next year, jumping on the bandwagon so to speak.  In the past this blog has praised Councillor Pearson for standing up for what is right, this time however, we are more cynical as it is the party that Mr Pearson is a member of that introduced and then extended the parking zone in the town that has led directly to the parking problems on Westwood Road. To make matters worse it would appear anecdotally that most of those parking on Westwood each morning actually work at County Hall!!

In other words, the ERYC do not need to liaise with the Town Council and the Pasture Masters on this issue, they can fix it themselves by removing the controlled parking zone or by introducing a free park and ride service for their own employees. Go on Councillor Pearson, tell your political masters this. They may not wish to hear the truth but your constituents would and, you never know, they may reward you for your candour in May 2015.


  1. Mr Pearson and Mr Peacock have no interest in the views of locals. A total of 6 emails back and forth and Mr Pearson refusing to comment on the issue of CPZs and the fact that they are part of the problem and not the solution to our parking problems in Beverley. The fact that in Beverley alone they bring in over £47k (after admin costs etc) is neither here nor there according to him. CPZs only move the problem. I live on Keldgate and despite having to shell out for a permit there are no spaces. If I park on Lairgate I get angry notes on my windscreen ‘This is our space as it is outside our house’ or the car is damaged (tyres slashed or the paintwork scratched) My only alternative is to park on Keldgate Bar where Nigel Pearson (CE ERYC) lives in his enormous house that we fought for three years to oppose. Mr Pearson accused me of being argumentative and refused to go into the issue in depth. I have NO faith in ANY of the Conservative Councillors.

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  3. […] As if this were not enough, ERYC have decided that, if you wish to object (or support) the application, you will only be given five minutes in which to speak. Yes, five minutes and, wait for it…  Only one person will be allowed to speak and this right is granted on a first come, first served basis. This, in the opinion of NSH, once again makes a mockery of free speech and is designed to allow the development to go through ‘on the nod’ from the Planning Committee on whom sits the East Riding Ward Councillor for the site, Cllr Brian Pearson. […]

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