Posted by: swinemoor | July 20, 2014

Cycle Lane Information

A series of Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) have shed some light on the cost of widening the cycle lane alongside the B1230 and, in view of the cash-strapped pleas emanating regularly from ERYC, the figures are revealing.

In their first response, ERYC say that the legal costs to the date of the FOI reply letter (27th June 2014) have amounted to £5,800. However, this does not include the costs of the staff time that has been put into this application. This has involved letters to objectors, posting notices, advertising, correspondence with the Planning Inspectorate, discussion and correspondence with the Pasture Masters and now a Public Enquiry. This cannot be cheap and in all likelihood is a large multiple of the £5,800 spend to date.

The second request was made to try and get to the bottom of the involvement of Sustrans in the plans and has revealed that there are no grant monies coming from them and that the full cost of the ‘widening’ will be borne by the council.

So, in other words, ERYC are spending somewhere in the region of £1/4m to widen a cycle track by 50cm along the B1230, when they could just resurface it for a fraction of the cost. Anyone using the cycle path will still have to cross the road near the golf course: the most dangerous part of the entire journey. That said, there has never been an accident involving a bicycle on this road!

Does anyone really believe that ERYC care so much about cyclists that they are willing to spend £250k from their own stretched budget for the benefit of cyclists, who will still have to cross the road? No, of course not. The real reason lies elsewhere and it revolves around setting a precedent for inter parish land swapping.

Nothing else in this sorry (and expensive!) tale makes sense…..



  1. On Lairgate, I pointed out the cycle lane to the adult male cyclist on the path. “I don’t use them” he shouted. I see very few cyclists on the new lanes along the road to Willerby. I can think of better uses for £250,000 even if ERYC can’t.

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