Posted by: swinemoor | February 7, 2015

Kerri and Petitions

Bev Guardian 9 Jan 2015Whilst reading back issues of The Beverley Guardian, we at NSH came across this gem from Councillor Kerri Harold on page three of the 9th January issue.

In this snippet Kerri Harold is asking for people to sign a petition to save the Lincoln Arms pub. We at NSH think this is a bit rich as Cllr Harold is a member the East Riding of Yorkshire Council: a council that ‘lost’ a petition signed by many of her constituents fighting against the construction of Swinemoor Hospital on a green field site to create the so called ‘Folly on the Lane’. Mrs Harold was strangely quiet about the loss of this petition, however, in this case she is clearly of the belief that the ERYC will support her campaign to keep the Lincoln Arms open.

Mrs Harold did not support her constituents who wanted to preserve Beverley’s green spaces and their wonderful medieval wet grasslands in 2009 but it’s good to know that this time Mrs Harold is supporting those who would prefer a modern watering hole.

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