Posted by: swinemoor | March 14, 2015

Misinformation and Machinations

The recent visit of Robert Goodwill MP (Conservative Under-Secretary of State for Transport) to the site of the proposed ‘new’ all singing and all dancing cycle path across Westwood does seem to have been used as a photo opportunity by Cllr Aird (Con) and Graham Stuart MP (Con) or should we just say The Conservative Party. Mr Goodwill was obviously begged to come all the way from…Scarborough for the photo opportunity but does he really know about the back story here? For that matter are Elaine Aird and Graham Stuart aware? Probably not: if they were, they would be well advised to keep their distance.

In brief these are the facts about the plan they are supporting:

These are the facts of this case: the rest is misinformation and spin. ERYC is a machine that is determined to set a land-swap precedent in relation to Beverley’s Common Lands: nothing else makes any sense. When a point ERYC makes is challenged, they just repeat it to a different audience in the hope that someone will listen to them. It appears that this time they have! If they really wanted a dual-use cycle way, they would have consulted properly in 2012 and the existing path could have been improved in less than 12 months. However, this is not their real aim: their aim is long term and unwritten – it is to set a precedent to allow development on the East side of Westwood – nothing more, nothing less.

If you don’t believe us: just look at the pictures on the HU17 article: the speakers all want a ‘new cycle route’ but over their heads there is are two signs saying it already is a cycle route! It just needs resurfacing, that’s all!

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