Posted by: swinemoor | January 12, 2014

Save our Westwood Petition

A new petition, sponsored by a local resident, has been set up to oppose any encroachment onto the Westwood, be it temporary or permanent. Those of you who read this site will be well aware of the issues surrounding access. If you would like to support this campaign, please sign the petition, which can be found HERE.

The petition is addressed to both the Beverley Pasture Masters and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
Remember, ignore the spin being promulgated by those who support access across the Westwood: there will only be an average of seven lorries per day over an 18 month period. This is a small price to protect what Beverlonians have fought over centuries to keep: the Westwood!
Beverley from Westwood

Beverley from Westwood


  1. […] across the Westwood.  The battle is not quite won yet so, if you have not done so previously, please sign the petition against allowing construction access across the Westwood.  Only if we can demonstrate the strength […]

    • please do not let our heritage go. I used to ride track work there in the 1960’s, also walk the dogs and collect wood for the fire. Once access has been allowed there will be no stopping the greed of the developers.

      • Jane,

        We at NSH agree with you: this would be the thin and of the wedge with the end result that Westwood as we know it would be be destroyed to the detriment of future residents of this lovely town. Beverley is over-developed already, everyone who lives here, with the exception of ERYC it would seem, knows this. The character and setting of the town, as well as its biodiversity, is in grave danger of being destroyed to line the pockets of those who would ‘pave paradise and put up a parking lot.’ A line needs to be drawn and the line needs to be drawn NOW!

  2. Please keep up the fight to save the Westwood, we need people like yourselves to save our beautiful open spaces, our wildlife, our heritage. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the hard work you put in. Well done.

    • Thanks Ann,

      It is a joint effort by many people. This is my small bit. Others, such as Beate Willar, put together the petition!
      Sadly, there is more to do: Westwoood is still under threat, not to mention Beverley’s other less well known Commons. This is a wonderful heritage that this town has: we all need to ensure our children can also appreciate it.

      Thanks for your support!

  3. […] months. However, this is not their real aim: their aim is long term and unwritten – it is to set a precedent to allow development on the East side of Westwood – nothing more, nothing […]

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