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Chronology – June 2009

 Three consultation meetings were held in Beverley by the PCT:

  • 11th June 2009 15:00 – 18:00 20:00 Westwood Hospital;
  • 13th June 2009 10:00 – 14:00 Beverley Health Centre;
  • 19th June 2009 15:00 – 17:00 19:00 Swinemoor Youth Centre.

There was also an unmanned poster display at Beverley Health Centre between 11th June and 20th June 2009.

 These events were not well-attended nor well advertised. No displays were placed in local libraries and no consultation meetings were held in Hornsea or Driffield: both towns which will lose their own cottage hospital facilities if the hospital in Beverley goes ahead.

At one of these events, on 19th June 2009, the PCT and Interserve were asked why they had not carried out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on the site at Swinemoor. Interserve replied that they had been told by the ERYC in a Screening Opinion that an EIA was not required. Interserve were asked for a copy of the letter stating this and told that no such notice had been placed on ERYC’s website, despite this being a legal requirement.

22 June 2009

Screening Opinion by ERYC to GVA Grimley saying there was no requirement for an EIA.  The copy of this letter above was finally obtained from ERYC on 14th September 2009!


  1. […] announced until January 2009 and planning permission was not applied for until July 2009. In June 2009 there were a series of public meetings at which time the public was told that this was the preferred […]

  2. I am very disappointed by the lack of accuracy of this blog. There are many inaccuracies in terms of what the PCT has or has not said and in terms of the sequence of events.

    At the simplest level the coverage of the PCT public engagement events for the pre-application process re this site is completely incorrect. There were 3 events held in June ahead of submission of outline planning – 11th June (3pm – 8pm) at Westwood Hospital, 13th June (10am – 2pm) at Tesco’s Store, Morton Lane and 19th June (3pm – 7pm) at Beverley Youth Centre, Burden Rd.

    The notion that these were poorly advertised and poorly attended is also a gross misrepresentation. Adverts for the events were placed in local newspapers. Posters and leaflets were also distributed to all GP practices, Health Centres, pharmacies and community hospitals across East Riding. Leaflets were also hand delivered to the houses immediately adjacent to the site on Swinemoor Lane – a list of streets covered can be provided if anyone is interested. All of this is more than is required by Local Authority Planning Guidelines in terms of pre-planning consultation. In addition the PCT and Developer team also attended a range of meetings of local groups who requested such a meeting, e.g. Beverley Rennaissance Partnership, Beverley Town Council and Beverley Civic Society. All of the above was repeated for the Reserved Matters Pre-planning consultation in October. A detailed report of all engagement activity for both the June and October series of events is freely available from the PCT.

  3. I am sorry that you feel that this blog is inaccurate both in terms of what has been said by whom and the in terms of the timeline. Whilst this blog is unashamedly opposed to the building of a community hospital on the Swinemoor Lane site, it does not censure comments and would welcome corrections to any inaccuracies it contains.

    In response to the factual points contained within your post, yes the PCT did hold three events prior to the submission of planning permission: these are menioned in the post and took place on the days you mention, however, these were open for two hours longer in the case of the events on the 11th and 19th June. The post entries have now been amended, however, I do not think that these errors amounted to a ‘gross distortion of the facts’ as you state.

    The question of whether these events were poorly attended or otherwise is a subjective matter. Have you published any figures on attendance at these events and a breakdown of the views expressed at them? I am happy to post them and let others judge this for themselves.

    The question of the advertising of these events is interesting: the general view in the town is that the consultation was inadequate for the size of the scheme – read Graham Stuart’s blog or Councillor David Horsley’s comment on the local Liberal Democrat’s website linked to above.
    On this point I would also like to contrast the approach taken by the PCT to the siting of the new community hospital to that of Beverley Town Council and its plans for the Memorial Hall. Both are public bodies wishing to spend public money for the good of the community: I will let the readers of this blog judge who has taken the subject of public consultation seriously and who has not.

  4. […] this supplementary report was written (30th June 2009) as the PCT had had already conducted their roadshows in Beverley, paid a non-refundable deposit and were intending to submit a planning application within a month. […]

  5. […] to demonstrate to the planners at ERYC that they had shown the latest plans to the public. However, once again, they DID NOT visit Driffield or Hornsea, towns that will LOSE their cottage hospitals if the folly […]

  6. […] tricky question this and one that was asked of the the PCT and the developers at their roadshow meeting of 19th June 2009. The questioner was informed by the above at this meeting that the local council had written to […]

  7. […] consultation events held by the PCT prior to applying for outline planning permission took place in June 2009. You can decide for yourself whether you think this is […]

  8. […] hospital on greenfield, flood-prone land on Swinemoor Lane. Mr Pearson is well aware that they were serious irregularities in the way that this application was handled by ERYC and, at the time, supported calls for an enquiry into the way that ERYC had dealt with the PCT and […]

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